Hurah, the most addictive and popular game, Free Running has new version. It is released few days ago. Jumping games lover will definitely be happy because of this news. Free Running 2 has much more features, the newest functions and so on. Here are many missions to play and you will have some kind of fun from the free jumping also. Its time to start jumping and try this new, awesome and cool game!

Instructions: To play this game, you should use Arrow keys on your keyboard. For Jumping and Climbing you can use X key.

You should remember that the main enemy for you is the time. Please, complete the missions within the given time, so, you can get some points and record for this. You will play this game often, because, it is addictive and funny. Many my friends are playing this whole day at their jobs, at home, at their mobiles.

It is some kind of parkour game, where the main objective is to jump for the missions and pick up the checkpoints.

Please submit your highscore via our FB comment system to compere who is the best player!